Our Story

The Rosé wine and champagne initially inspired the name ROSéA. It conveys the hard work and care farmers and producers put into the product to achieve such a delicate and beautiful drink. Rosé also portrays a strong sense of exclusivity and taste, which are a big part of ROSéA. We had to put a spin on the name to make it our own; however, the inspiration is still present in the logo as we call our brand 'Lingerie Brut'. 

We believe everyone is uniquely beautiful and the world has no ideality. Each woman should feel her beauty, sensuality, and confidence no matter what imperfections she might see in herself. This belief inspired our logo as the letters 'O' and 'é' represent different-sized boobs. It is widespread for women to be subconscious about this; however, we want to show that imperfections will never define one's beauty. On the contrary, they make us unique and gorgeous. 

Our Mission

To explore and highlight feminine sensuality and uniqueness in the most conscious way.

- Transparency: We want you to know what you are buying. We disclose everything about our manufacturers, fabrics, and prices. 

- Small family-owned factories: We have visited our manufacturer and met the owners and the people who work there to ensure workers’ safety and well-being are held to the highest standard.

- Carbon footprint: All our fabrics and hardware come from manufacturers located in the EU. We produce all our lingerie in Portugal. This way, we have a much shorter supply chain compared to many other brands. 

- Certified fabrics: We are committed to finding the highest quality fabrics certified with trusted international standards to protect the people in the supply chain and minimize the impact on the environment. 

- Design: Multiuse design is our top priority as it allows you to wear the item more often. The more you wear it, the longer its life is and the longer it stays out of landfills.

Why another clothing brand?

Creating yet another clothing brand with the goal of sustainability in mind is a highly controversial decision. However, there are still very few brands, especially lingerie brands, that actually want to change for the better. We are in no way perfect and still have a long way to go to be impact-free, but we want to make a change in the industry, educate people and motivate more brands to take action.